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PTK Honors in Action Project 2015

Here is more information on the Honors in Action Project!

Phi Theta Kappa

Honors in Action Project 2015

Project Summary by Su Leone

How can relaxation techniques help students with academic anxiety? There are a few tried and true relaxation techniques that can be practiced daily to reduce overall stress and anxiety, but also be performed in a few minutes during the school day to cause an immediate sense of relaxation.

We want to teach middle school health and physical education teachers how to do a few of these techniques so that they can in turn teach their students as part of the stress management portion of their school’s Healthy Living curriculum. There are 77 schools in Wake County that teach 6th grade. Most also teach 7th and 8th grade as well. Nearly all the schools have a dedicated health or P.E. teacher.

We envision a half-day Saturday workshop targeted to health and P.E. teachers, but possibly open to interested faculty and students at Wake Tech as well. There would be a large group session, four breakout sessions where participants would travel room to room to get instruction in four different methods of relaxation, then a final large group session to share thoughts and fill out a survey about the workshop. If each breakout session has a cap of 30 participants, that means we could serve up to 120 participants total.

In order to entice teachers to come to our workshop, we will offer a contact hours certificate that would help them meet their North Carolina teacher licensure renewal requirements. In order to cover the registration and housekeeping costs, we might need to charge a nominal fee of $5.00 or $10.00 to each participant.

Phi Theta Kappa members are needed to do a number of activities:

  • research about pharmaceutical methods of reducing pediatric anxiety
  • find local teachers willing to give up a Saturday morning to teach four mini classes (leads provided)
  • contact WCPSS to find out about offering contact hours for licensure
  • contact Wake County schools (public, private and charter) to find out to whom we should send flyers/registration forms directly (phone list provided)
  • coordinate incoming registration forms and payments before the workshop
  • operate the check-in table at the workshop on November 21, 2015
  • liaise with the teachers at the workshop on November 21, 2015 (ideally one person stays in each breakout room)
  • collate the survey results after the workshop
  • help write the project summary (due December 31)
  • help apply for a Hallmark award (due next January 27)