Congrats to Our New Officers!

Elections were held on Friday and your new officers for the 2016 – 2017 Academic Year are:

President: Brie McGhee

Vice President (North Campus): Charles Howe

Vice President (Main Campus): Jacki Kotlarz

Vice President (Perry Health Sciences): Meghan Chung

Publicity Secretary: Celena McBryde

Recording Secretary: Carla Hales

Congratulations to all of the new PTK Officers!

Change in Room Location

There has been a change in room location for Friday’s meeting (when we will be holding elections for our new officers). On North Campus, will meet in NE 414 and on Main Campus, the meeting will be in TE 101S (the Math Department). If you have any question about how to get to TE 101S, you can contact one Mr. Hill (email: See you on Friday!

Election of New Officers for the 2016-17 Academic Year

We will be holding our officer elections for the 2016-17 school year on Friday, April 22. Members wishing to run should submit a short bio of themselves (including a little bit about themselves, their academic and career goals, what position they’re running for, and what they hope to accomplish as an officer) by Monday, April 18 to The officer positions are as follows: Chapter President, North Campus Vice President, Main Campus Vice President, Health Science Campus Vice President, Publicity Secretary, and Recording Secretary. The bios will be posted to the Elections page on our blog so all members can read about the candidates before voting.