Meeting : September 23, 2015

AIAS Meeting Minutes

Call to order : 12:20 PM

AIAS Bylaws – We voted on the revised Wake Tech AIAS bylaws. Motion to approve – TraShanna Sanchez, Second – Adam Rostek. You can view the bylaws here.

New positions appointed! Brooke appointed TraShanna Sanchez as the Event Coordinator and Robert Underwood as the Marketing Coordinator. Welcome to the team, guys!!

CANstruction – We are working with Smith Sinnett Architecture (a local architecture firm) for CANstruction! They have chosen  “Mighty Mouse” to be our hero that we will be designing and building out of cans.

Habitat for Humanity – We are volunteering for Habitat for Humanity again! The next two available dates to volunteer are October 10 and November 14…both are from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM.

Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser – On October 19 we are doing a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings (121 Grand Hill Pl, Holly Springs, NC 27540) from 4 PM – 11 PM. Find an officer to get tickets (it is a free ticket.) When you present the ticket, 10% of your bill will go to Wake Tech AIAS funds.

Spring Break Trip(s) – We are still throwing around ideas for a trip. To aid the decision process, we are going to present three PowerPoint presentations during our next meeting. These will include – Chicago, IL: Adam Rostek, Charleston, SC: Caleb Hill, and Charlotte, NC (weekend trip): Katelyn Stevenson.

AIA Triangle Tour – The AIA Triangle Home Tour is this Saturday! If you are volunteering, make sure to arrive to your specified site 30 minutes early.

Meeting adjourned : 12:56 PM

Next meeting is October 7, 2015 in ETB 219.

Meeting minutes by : Caleb Hill

Meeting : September 9, 2015

AIAS Meeting Minutes

Call to order : 12:10 PM

Lynn Kavcsak (Dean of Career and Employment Resources) came and talked to us about the resources her department offers, including resumé, career help, and interview advice.
To get more info please visit – or stop by her office at ETB 321Q

Habitat for Humanity this Saturday at 932 Skinner Dr. Raleigh, NC 27610….click here to sign up! Please wear long pants and work appropriate shoes. Don’t wear your Gucci’s!!

CANstruction – This is a super fun activity where we design and build a structure out of food cans! All food is donated. The theme this year Super Heros.
1/26/16 – all cans should be provided by this date.  2/5/16 – final can count. 3/4/16 – all signage is due.  4/8/16 – build day!

Snacks N Facts – we need volunteers to be at our booth in one hour increments.  Let any of the officers know what times you are available.

Spring Break Trip(s) –
Rome, Italy – $1300 – $250 (approximate chapter subsidy) = $1050~ *Deposit due November 4*
New York City – $800 – $250 (approximate chapter subsidy) = $550~ *Deposit due November 4*

Neither of these trips are “set in stone” so we want your feedback and ideas! (Comment Below)

Meeting adjourned : 12:59

Next meeting is September 23, 2015 in ETB 219.

Meeting minutes by : Caleb Hill

14 Things I Wish I Knew in My First Year

Hey guys, its Robert Underwood. Brooke Grayson and I thought it would be an excellent idea to talk about what we wish we would have known last year. (Or the year before, in my case)

Fasten your seat belt, here are 14 of the things we wish we had known:


  1. Always have your scale.



It’s never too early to start forming good habits. I need to have a way to measure what I’m sketching when trying to communicate a design or building system, and when your professors see that you are always prepared, they remember that.


  1. Sketch for fun.


If you only ever sketch when you are being graded on it, you don’t get enough practice. A drawing doesn’t have to be good, if you don’t like it, do it again until you love it. It’s kind of like conditioning in sports… Running up and down the field might seem like you aren’t getting skills for the big game, but when it comes to game time, you run faster and don’t get tired so fast.

  1. Get to Bed on Time.

This tip is standard for anything you plan to do. Although our faculty may seem somewhat lenient on being on time to class, it is still bad practice to show up late. This tells all the professors you may not be ready for a job because if you cannot come on time to a class, how could you do it for a job?


  1. Try to be an Active Member.


One of the big things I wish I had done was being more active in our club. I missed out on a lot of fun opportunities to learn about architecture. I understand it may not be enjoyable to constantly have architecture related things shoved in your face after a busy day of school, but forcing that passion for architecture will lead to you knowing much more about it and thus will have a better chance of getting you a job.


  1. Don’t be Afraid to Study


I know how it was in high school, where I never studied at all really. But this was because the information was not captivating. You chose this profession so get into it! Try “Googling” information all the time. Try reading ahead a chapter in your textbook. This will all help tremendously because you learned it on your own time and that will reinforce what you are learning in a classroom.


  1. Stay off the Phone.

One of the things I still need to work on is focusing on the class. Cell phones are just distraction for when you’re bored. I would recommend turning it off for class but if you really don’t want to do that try to keep the phone out of your hands. It is not only rude to the professor but it’s lowering your grade due to the information you are ignoring. I know you have all heard all this before, but this is college and you are not far off from having a real job; step it up! Those who are coming back to school after having a real job have usually already learned this.


  1. Make Friends

NY Group Photo  

We all have heard this plenty of times, but in order to take your education seriously sometimes you need some support. That can come from seeing your friend working hard or even from them reminding you to pay attention. Motivation is the key to success and we can all use more reasons to stay on track!


  1. Research Job Opportunities

Since your goal at the end of this degree is ultimately to get a good job, you should learn what skills firms are looking for. Learn about the correct way to make a resume and the correct composure you must maintain when applying for the job.


  1. Open your Field Options


We love having you in our program, but it is important to know what you will enjoy doing the most. You may find something similar to the field you are currently in. Sometimes even classes you are taking now will apply to your other choice. The goal is finding enjoyment in your work. Make sure you try to find what suits you the best!


  1. Textbooks

Textbooks can be a real pain, especially when you learn it is not necessary to have or that you even got the wrong book. I recommend waiting till the first day to find out what book you really need. I personally still have a book I haven’t even opened yet. LOL

*Brooke here – ask your teachers if you should buy or rent the textbooks. Some are very useful resources, others are used in future semesters. The giant book for Materials and Methods, buy it. It is invaluable! Plus you use it for two classes as the assigned text and every time you have a question, you can probably find the answer in there.


  1. Communicate

Conversations with your teachers are essential to success. You can learn a lot about content you may not understand, when tests are, or even when the next club activity is. This also opens the way to potential job opportunities. If they see you are actively striding towards getting a job, the potential for a recommendation is high.


  1. Be Prepared

This goes hand-in-hand with #10, but in terms of class material. By now we should all know to bring pencil and paper. Stop by your favorite store and pick up some blank notebooks. Also, high quality pencils and pens are great, if you want a recommendation, see #11. Be sure to get some trace paper too, that stuff is always great.


  1. Don’t ever start with “You never told us how to…”


Be an advocate for your learning! The strongest skill an employer looks for (in any field) is being able to think critically and solve problems by figuring things out on your own. Our teachers often treat their classrooms like an office, and a boss that is always stopping his or her work to answer your questions will wonder why they hired you. Try to figure it out before you ask.


  1. Go a little over the top!


You can always dial things back when finals are due, but in lab time, dream big. Plan on going above and beyond the project requirements to learn new things. One of the best things I did in my first year was spend time with upperclassmen to figure out what I could learn before I needed it.

Welcome Meeting: August 26, 2015

WTCC AIAS LOGOMeeting Minutes for 8/26/2015

Call to Order : 12:15 PM

Welcome to Wake Tech AIAS!!!! (American Institute of Architecture Students)

Dues are $20 for the whole year, see an officer to pay dues, you will be an “inactive member” of AIAS National until our next membership drive but you will be immediately active in our local chapter.

If you would like to directly become a member of AIAS National via their website for $47, please visit You will immediately be an active member of AIAS National and our local chapter. Please do not do both! If you have questions, see an officer.

Social activities to be involved in:

– This Friday we are all meeting at Buffaloe Lanes (6701 Fayetteville Rd., Raleigh, NC 27603) at 6 PM for a fun night of bowling!
– September 4 we are all going to Downtown Raleigh for the First Friday Gallery Walk.

Volunteer Opportunities:
-AIA Triangle tour on September 26. To sign up please visit the official tour website.
– Habitat for Humanity The dates are 9/12, 10/10, and 11/14 and each day is 8:15am-3:30pm.
Lunch is not usually provided so it is likely that we will go somewhere near the site for lunch together. If you would like to carpool, please post a comment below! (Green is GOOD!)

Spring Break:
We are throwing around several ideas of where to go for our Spring Break trip. We are thinking about doing a New York City trip with Mr. Jefferson and a trip to Rome, Italy with Mr. Card, for those who would rather go out of the country.

Cost Estimates (not including club subsidy):
Rome: $1,300 flights & hotels + $300 for food/museums/tours/etc. = $1600New York City: $800 flights & hotels + $300 for food/museums/tours/etc. = $1100

Club subsidy will be equal for both trips, the current estimate is $300/person. HOWEVER, the more fundraising we do, the higher that number goes!
With subsidy:Rome: $1000 deposit by November 1st + $300 club funds + $300 by March = $1300 from student
New York City: $500 deposit by November 1st + $300 club funds + $300 by March = $800 from student

We will vote on these at our next meeting (9/9 @ 12pm & 9/10 @ 5:30pm); to vote you MUST be a paid member.

Tutoring will be available soon! Keep an eye out for tutoring times and dates (they will be posted on classroom doors). If you would like to tutor your fellow students, see Mr. Jefferson or Ms. Julie for more information.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter – @wtccaias

Our next meeting is going to be on September 9 at 12 PM in Room 219 (ETB), we will also be holding an evening meeting September 10 5:30-6:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM

Meeting Minutes by: Caleb Hill

Visit the Mobile Demo Room on Thursday April 16



Come visit with the Mobile demo Room, tomorrow, Thursday April 16, 2015 to see the Geothermal Training System.

If you are taking any of our Sustainable Technology Track courses, ARC261, SST 140, Or a related ARC Course especially ARC213 and LAR223 these systems should be of interest to you.

The lab will be available from 10am – 4pm behind the Welding Lab in Ready Hall.  Come see me if you have questions.  Please participate throughout the day in between your classes.  Professors/Instructors, please feel free to take your classes over for a brief demonstration.


This is thanks to Prof. John Clevenger.  Thank him for setting this up for the AET Division.



The Mobile Demo Room, MDR for short, is a Lab-Volt workshop on wheels. It’s a

high-impact, 24-foot Ideal Cargo trailer with a statement that will generate immediate

interest at all locations in your territory. The marketing app on the trailer’s wrap offers

on-the-road access to the Lab-Volt website.


The trailer weight is approximately 8300 lbs (2000 lbs at the pole), so it is possible to

tow it with the equivalent of an F250. The truck will need a standard electric connector

to control the trailer’s electrical brakes and the trailer’s light.


The trailer weight is approximately 8300 lbs (2000 lbs at the pole), so it is possible to

tow it with the equivalent of an F250. The truck will need a standard electric connector

to control the trailer’s electrical brakes and the trailer’s light.

The trailer has its own silent generator which can provide enough power to do a

basic demo for each system (not all at the same time). There is also an 120 V cord

line that can be used to supply

Meeting Minutes 4-8-15

Call to order: 12:08

Nominations are as follows:
Brooke Grayson
Co-Vice Presidents:
Micheal Johnson
Juan Aguilar
Trashanna Sanchez
Katelyn Stevenson
Caleb Hill
Patricia Simon

Nominees must submit a 2-3 minute speech in video format with talking points (text format) and a headshot (.jpg). Videos must be submitted by 11:00am 4/9/15. Videos will go live and voting will open at 12:00pm 4/9/15.

Speeches should include:

-Why the speaker wants the position.
-What the speaker would like to improve about the position.
-How they are qualified for the position.

VOTERS! Please review all speeches before casting your votes. Votes can be submitted to from your email. Votes will be accepted until 12:30pm 4/22/15. Next year’s officers will be announced at 1:00pm 4/22/15.

Academic Update

Registration has started this week. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss summer classes. There is an “advising hold” on your registration until your advisor removes it and you can’t register for classes until that’s been done. Be sure to do that soon because the summer semester classes fill up FAST!

Work Based Learning- If you are going to do an internship over the summer, initial paperwork must be submitted by FRIDAY! Even if you don’t have a job established already, you can fill out the initial paperwork. See Mr. Jefferson or your advisor for more information.

This Saturday, 4/11/15, is a Wake Tech sponsored Habitat for Humanity date. Please attend, it is our last one of the semester and it is important to take some time out to give back to the community. The link is below.
After that, our members will be gathering at Tyler’s Tavern in Fuquay Varina to play pool and hang out. Some of our senior members will be graduating and it will be a last social gathering for some.

Meeting! April 8, 2015

We will be having a meeting Wednesday, April 8th. This will be when the students running for next year’s officer positions will give their speeches. Voting will be during our final meeting, April 22nd. Please attend!

We will also be talking about EPS Associates’ visit on April 15th at Noon.


Hey all! It’s your secretary, Brooke, here.

It seems I have gotten a bit behind on meeting minutes this semester, so let’s get everything caught up…

Tutoring: is now available. The tutoring schedule will be up in another blog posting for easy access. Our awesome classmates help us out all the time and now they will be able to get a notation on their transcript and add it to their resume. If you would like to become a tutor, please see Mr. Jefferson or Ms. Eldridge.

Social Media: We now have our pages set up! Please follow us to stay updated on the latest and greatest news and discussions.

Competition: We have split into a few groups to participate in this exciting design competition. The deadline is April 20, so if you’d like to participate, gather your group and hit the ground running! With all this snow, it’s a great way to spend your time and build your skills.
2015 UIA-PHG Student Competition | Design of a mobile isolation, diagnosis and/or treatment unit for use in ebola or other communicable desease epidemics

Speaking of SKILLS: SKILLS USA hosts a competition that includes a wide variety of trade related skills. They have an architectural drafting section that we should be represented in! If you feel like you have strong drafting skills, please participate!          Contest Descriptions | SkillsUSA

Habitat for Humanity: A big thank you to Matt Rogers and Michael Fondavilla for representing us in February’s H4H date. OVAL is hosting another opportunity on March 14. Below is a QR code that will take you straight to the OVAL page to get signed up, you may also use the following link: OVAL

Also, I found out about a symposium presented by AIA|L.A. called POWERFUL: WOMEN LEADING DESIGN . It will be live streaming today from California.
The 2015 POWERFUL: Women Leading Design symposium will feature an inspirational and energetic series of presentations that showcase women who are leading the design profession in architecture, art, social impact and innovation.

Well, I had a great time catching up, let’s grab lunch sometime.
Stay safe and warm!